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  • GW01 Real-time Super Mini GPS Tracker
  • GW01 Real-time Super Mini GPS Tracker
  • GW01 Real-time Super Mini GPS Tracker
GW01 Real-time Super Mini GPS Tracker

Mini GPS Tracker

GW01 is a small ordinary tracker,which is specialized for cars and goods,it has three years super long standby with 4200mAh battery. The product has compact body which can easily to install and combine GPS,Beidou and GPRS technology. With real-time tracking,history playback,it suitable for Vehicle rental and fixed assets management. ORDER NOW
BD/GPS/WIFI/LBS→Multiple positioning
Light sensor disassemble alarm→While dismantled or fall out
Super low power dissipation MCU→Three-year long standby
Super strong magnet→Permanent adsorption,free installation
Multiple operating modes→Weekly,alarm clock and tracking modes
Hardware specification
Switch Photosensitive detector switch
Button Power button
Antenna Built-in antenna, GSM quad band, WIFI antenna
LED indicate light GPS(blue),GSM(green),WIFI(blue)
Battery 3.0V/4200mAh
Working voltage/current 3VDC/42mA(5 minutes)
Standby current Less than 3uA(battery powered)
Positioning mode More than 10000 (open sky)
Alarm clock mode More than three years
Color Black
Size 74*42*31mm
Weight 123g
Working temperature -20°~70°
GSM specification
Communication method GPRS
GSM frequency 850/900/1800/1900
GPRS Class 12,TCP/IP
Storage 32Mb+32Mb
Phase error (RMS)Less than 5° (Peak value) -20° to +20°
Maximum Output Power GSM850/GSM900 33±3dBm DCS 1800/PCS1900 30 ±3dBm
Maximum frequency error ±0.1ppm
Accept Sensitivity -102dBm
Beidou/GPS specification
Chip Highly sensitive Beidou/GPS chips
Frequency B1,1561.098MHZ;GPS L1,1575,42MHZ
Channel 32
Positioning accuracy 10 meters
Tracking Sensitivity -162dBm
Acquisition sensitivity -148dBm
TTFF(Open Sky) Avg.hot start ≤1s
Avg.cold start ≤35s
Manual 3.57 MB