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What is the relationship between wireless GPS and ultra-long standby?
2019-12-24 09:29:09

   We know that there are two types of GPS trackers:wired GPS trackers and wireless GPS trackers.But recently,a friend consulted in the background:Is the ultra-long standby GPS tracker another type?Or is it an upgrade version for the above two?

  The wired GPS locator must be connected to the car circuit,so in theory,as long as the car circuit is normal and able to supply power,the locator will always be powered and will always be in working condition.Unless there is something wrong with the device itself or the car circuit.
wireless GPS

  The wireless GPS tracker is more free to install and better concealed.It has its own power supply and does not need to connect the circuit,so the built-in power supply of the positioner is limited and cannot be used indefinitely.However,some customers have requirements for the working time of this type of locator,so they have derived an ultra-long standby version of the GPS locator.

  Wireless locator technology is to"fine cut"the complicated process of the original wiring,making it easier and faster to operate.But because of its small size and no need to connect circuits,it has more technical seals.It is necessary to integrate the chip and various parts of the device in a small space.This is why the testing of wireless GPS modules,chips,decks,and base stations is more stringent than the equivalent parts for wiring GPS locators,and the cost will be higher.
wireless GPS

  Ultra-long standby GPS is generally adding a battery to the original ordinary wireless GPS locator,and extending the standby time by configuring high-quality dry batteries;adding a chip to enhance the detection sensitivity of the signal;the waterproof function is further strengthened and increased Water and abrasion resistance of the device.

  To talk about the relationship between the two,it can be said that the ultra-long standby version of the GPS locator is an upgraded version of the previous ordinary wireless GPS locator.Between them is a process of upgrading and transforming GPS technology to mature.